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EMF-Turtal International
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Wholesaler / supplier for international trade

Ecologa Europe GmbH / Patricia Bös
Ziegelhüttenstr. 11
63768 Hösbach

Tel:+49 06021/5830120


Wholesaler / supplier for international trade

EMF Clothing Ltd

UK Tel : +44 (0) 182 329 9390
             +44 (0) 330 223 1404

USA Tel: +1 405 279 3167




direct distribution from the manufacturer
only for orders within the EU from 50+ units

Kanalstraße 18 1/2
83052 Bruckmühl

Tel:+49 08062 8073073


Advantages of EMF-TURTAL
The Best For the Job

The advantage of EMF-TURTAL, as described above, is among other things the price advantage. Since our product has to be mixed with water by the end consumer in order to be ready for consumption, we have outsourced a complete work step and can keep our price considerably lower than the competition. As we rely on the latest technology, the shielding properties of EMF-TURTAL are at the highest level. We do without chemical ingredients such as antifreeze and solvents. A further advantage is that EMF-TURTAL is not susceptible to temperature, so it does not have to be protected from frost and can also be shipped in winter without any problems. A further advantage is the low volume of the packaging unit, which keeps shipping costs low.


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